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Book One: First-String Future

Click here to buy First-String Future!Tori Baylor is a dancer and an animal lover. Or is she an animal lover and a dancer? On the first day of school, she discovers that her class will dissect a frog this year, and she gathers her courage to tell the forbidding Mrs. Stengle she doesn't want to take part. Ballet SlippersThe new science teacher's rudeness comes as a shock, and Tori wishes she had a close friend to laugh it off with. Dance classes six days a week, however, leave little time for friends.

Tori wonders if she should forget her dream of a ballet career and plan to work with animals instead. Her mother's arthritis is worsening, and Tori feels guilty seeing her limp off to work to pay for her lessons. She'd love to be an animal rights activist, if she could be brave enough. But not to dance -- how could I bear it? she asks herself. FrogHer mother, who once hoped to become a dancer, has always told Tori and her sister, "Be sure to have a second string to your bow," meaning a second career choice. I do have two strings, Tori thinks, dance and animals. But which should be my first-string future?

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Comments on First String Future

  • "I absolutely loved it! I felt as if I were there, at the performances. It's so much like my life, it's a little scary!" -- Stacey, North Carolina

  • "I especially liked when Tori choreographed her own dance." -- Miranda, New York

  • "I really liked the dance parts. I wish my parents would give me a dance studio!" -- Amanda, Florida

  • "Tori seems so real! Your writing reminds me of Beverly Cleary's in many ways, especially the family details." -- Beth, Florida

  • "I've just finished to read your Book One. It was interesting to read about Tori, her life and her thoughts. Sometimes I felt myself Tori and thought like she did! It's great! I'm sure your books are very popular in the States." -- Edward, Ukraine

  • "I TRULY loved the book. What a wonderful story! I can certainly relate to Tori's wanting to be an activist for animals." -- Lisa, Florida

  • "First-String Future is one of the best books I've ever read. This book taught me to appreciate animals more and to be creative like the characters are. It also made me appreciate dance even though I'm not a serious dance student. Mostly it made me think about everything in a whole new way." -- Katie, Florida

  • "I really loved your book. I am thirteen so it felt very realistic to me. It was very exciting how you mentioned the studios and the long rehearsals. I dance and I know exactly what you were talking about. I will be looking forward to your other books!" -- Danielle, Florida

  • "I loved it! I could relate directly to Toriís world. My studio puts on The Nutcracker every year, so that part really drew me in. Also, the talent show where Tori choreographs her own dance was great! -- Alexes, California

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