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Book Two: Future Perfect

Click here to buy Future Perfect! Tori Baylor, a serious dance student, has begun her final level at the school of Southern Ballet Theatre in Orlando, Florida. Her goal is to be accepted by the Company next year as a trainee, but she still has a problem with balance. She works desperately to overcome it, knowing it's now or never for her. Ballet SlipperHer mother, whose job pays for her lessons, has crippling arthritis and will have to quit work after this year. As a trainee, Tori would get free classes and could continue to dance. Called upon one day to explain the future perfect tense to her sister, Roni, Tori ponders her destiny and wonders What is the future perfect of me?

Matryoshka DollsWhen Roni brings home information about getting pen pals, both girls write off for one. Tori is excited to get a dance student at the school of the world-famous Maryinsky Theatre Ballet, formerly the Kirov, in St. Petersburg, Russia. She reads up on Russia and even learns some Russian words, hoping that she and Valentina, though far apart, will become real friends. I feel as if I'm setting out on an adventure, she says, never dreaming how that adventure will change her life.

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Comments on Future Perfect

  • "I loved the ending. I hope you are considering writing a sequel!" -- Stacey, North Carolina

  • "The story is excellent. Stacia and Ebert give it two thumbs up!" -- Stacia, Florida

  • "It was a great story. I loved it." -- Heidi, Florida

  • "I'm so sad it's over! Please write a continuation!" -- Liesl, Florida

  • "I can't believe how much I learned - it makes me feel as if I've been to Russia. I really want to go sit under that umbrella fountain!" -- Beth, Florida

  • "I was amazed how vividly and authentically you reconstruct the setting (city itself), domestic life, our funny language, and many peculiar aspects of Russian life, let alone the interesting story." -- Galina, formerly of St. Petersburg, Russia

  • "What a beautiful story! This book helped me understand how different school, ballet training, and life in general is for a teenager in Russia compared to here in the United States." -- Marilyn, Florida

  • "I couldn't stop from reading your book to the end, to know what will happen to the girlfriends. Of course I liked the description of St. Petersburg as if I had a chance to walk along its streets again. The tears are going down my cheeks, tears of joy." -- Valentina, Russia

  • "After reading Future Perfect, I really surprised my Russian friends by saying "Privyet, podruga!" to them one morning. I'm inspired to learn Russian now. Please write more sequels." -- Lesley, Canada

  • "I thought the second book was great! Ever since I read it I have wanted to go to Russia. I can't wait for the next book to come out." -- Danielle, Florida

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Try a Little Russian

Follow this link to experiment with the fascinating Russian alphabet and learn a little Russian yourself! Do you wonder how I happen to know Russian? Find out about the club I started for Russian and American kids and how one member's letter led to the idea for Future Perfect!

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