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Book Three: Future Imperfect

Click here to buy Future Imperfect! In spite of changes that threatened her goal, Tori Baylor has at last become a trainee with her ballet company in Orlando, Florida. The year ahead looks golden as she anticipates Ballet Slipperperforming with the Company's corps de ballet in major productions as well as with its outreach group, Ballet II. I'm so lucky, she tells herself. I've made it to trainee, and I have two best friends, a wonderful boyfriend (YESSS!), and a great family. Please, no changes to any of these.

But changes continue to make life uncertain for Tori. Some are surprising, some are worrying, and some bring loss and her first tastes of sorrow. In a cold and lonely place, she thinks sadly, SnowflakesI used to talk about the future perfect, the time when all I've dreamed of and worked for will have come to be. Now my life is looking more like a future imperfect.

In this strange year of highs and lows, promises and problems, Tori struggles to keep her spirits up. Where is all of this leading? One thing is sure: she'll need to be strong to face the year's final challenge.

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