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Thirteen-year-old Tori has two loves -- dance and animals. This year she must decide between them. Which should she make her first-string future?
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Fourteen-year-old Tori, a serious dance student, makes friends with a Russian dancer, never dreaming what a life-changing adventure lies ahead for her.
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Book Three:
Future Imperfect

As Tori turns fifteen, changes present challenges in her life. The "future perfect" she had imagined lay ahead begins to look more like a "future imperfect."

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Comments on the Series

  • "I rate these books 15 out of 10! Kat understands serious girls like me who have goals for their futures." -- Michelle, Florida

  • "Please keep writing -- your books are delightful, informative, and thought-provoking!" -- Jill, Florida

  • "I'm an animal rights activist, and I do ballet as a hobby. Your books relate so well to my life. Keep up the great writing." -- Erika, California

  • "I find myself reading the books over and over. I have always loved dance, and now I am making my own line of pointe shoes. Your books help me keep in mind who I am making the shoes for. I honestly cannot wait until your next book is published." -- Danielle Devor, West Virginia (See Links for her website!)

  • "Your books are absolutely wonderful -- the incredible detail, and how real-life your stories are. These books were just amazing. They have made a BIG impact on my life." -- Megan, Florida

  • "I'm 13, and I just got pointe shoes. My favorite present this year was your two DanceFutures books. I love your characters -- I felt as if I was in the story with them. KEEP WRITING!" -- Mady, California

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