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Starting the club

Starting the club

By good luck, a Soviet traveling exhibition was visiting Orlando at that time. A magazine editor with the group promised to announce the club in her magazine back in Moscow. So a friend and I set up club Druzhba on the computer, and the adventure began.

Druzhba, or DRUZHBA (DROOZH-bah), is Russian for friendship. Kids on both sides of the world thought the club was a neat idea, and I matched thousands of pen pals! It was a letter from a Canadian girl that led to my writing the

books. As an afterthought, Tara added, "A dancer would be nice," and the idea for Future Perfect was born.

The club lasted for eight years. By that time, most of the kids had grown up -- the teen members had moved into their twenties! Several of the friends I made still write -- you can meet them on my Pen Pals page. You can also try learning a little Russian, as Tori does in Future Perfect.

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