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Tori's Hometown

Visit some real places around Orlando, Florida. You can see
some of the interesting plants and animals we enjoy here, too.

Azaleas bloom in late February and early March When you think about Florida, you might picture palm trees and orange groves -- well, we have plenty of those, but there are lots of other trees and plants, as well. One of the best things about Florida is that it's green all year round and there's always something in bloom.

Palm trees aren't just for the beach, either -- you can see them all over the city, downtown as well as in residential areas. Orlando also has many live oaks, huge oak trees that can live to be hundreds of years old.


Palm trees outside the public library

Kat with a live oak / Spanish moss

Orange trees are everywhere, too. I have two in my back yard -- one is full-grown, but the other is just a baby! You can see by my winter jacket in the first picture below that oranges get ripe in December and January, the coldest time of year in Florida. Orange growers worry about occasional frosts hurting the fruit just as it's ripening, but at least there's never any snow in the forecast!

Kat's orange trees

Orlando is also home to some plants and animals that might make you think of the Southwest, rather than the Southeast. They love the heat here, though -- just like me!

Cactus and armadillo

Like many cities, Orlando features lots of great public art installations -- outdoor sculptures for everyone to enjoy. Here are two of my favorites!

Acrobat and rabbit sculptures

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