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Kirov Academy of Ballet

In Book Three, Future Imperfect, Tori goes to Washington, DC,
for the Summer Intensive program of The Kirov Academy of Ballet.
Joanna DeFelice, age 15, posed in some beautiful locations around
the famous residential school. The Kirov Academy is connected
with the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Right: The older part of the school contains offices, displays, and the dormitories. The boys' rooms on the second floor have single windows; the girls' rooms on the third floor have pairs of windows. You can see that the end rooms on each floor are larger.

Below: The porte-cochère allows cars to drive up to the front door so people can enter protected from the weather.

Kirov Academy - Front
Kirov - Port-Cochere

Kirov lobby banner Kirov registration

Left: Inside the front entrance, a banner proclaims that the school has won the "Best Ballet School" award! Straight ahead is the multi-purpose room where registration is held.

Right: On Registration Day, students and their parents gather papers and information below the beautiful crystal chandelier. The pink oval frames the school's pretty logo of two swans intertwined.

Kirov news wall Kirov grad wall

Above left: At the News Wall in the lobby, Joanna is proud that her school has won the "Best School of the Year" award!

Above right: A photo wall honors graduates dancing with prestigious ballet companies. In the near glass case is a sculpture of Clara and the Nutcracker. In the far case is dancer Rudolph Nureyev.

Right: To the left of the lobby, Joanna poses before a window framing a beautiful flowering tree in bloom.

Joanna with tree

Kirov new wing - exterior

To the right of the older building is the new wing with the large, modern studios. These are
the windows seen in the indoor pictures of that hallway and its beautiful staircase.

Kirov new wing - hall

The new wing hallway, with Studios A and B on the left and the ornate staircase on the right.

Joanna by the stairs

Left: Joanna poses gracefully by the elegant stairway with the tall window and the Nutcracker poster.

Right: These large windows look out onto the front lawn of the school on Harewood Road.

Joanna at the window

Joanna in studio

Left: On the lower level, below Studios A and B, are Studios C and D. The high windows are at ground level.

Below: The windows of one of the lower studios look out on the little courtyard where students can relax in the shade.

Kirov courtyard

Dorm bunks

Left: Incoming students will soon be making themselves at home
in their dorm rooms.

Below: A year-round student needs a desk for homework.

Kirov courtyard

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