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Here are a few sites I've found that relate to topics in the


  • Get to know the ballet company (formerly Southern Ballet Theatre) whose school Tori attends in the

  • Visit the famous ballet school in Washington, DC, mentioned in Future Imperfect.

  • Click on the picture to enter the world-famous ballet school in St. Petersburg, Russia. Formerly called the Vaganova Choreographic Academy, it is now the Vaganova Ballet Academy. Here dancers are trained for the Maryinsky Theatre Ballet, formerly (and often still) called the Kirov Ballet. At each link, click to enlarge the first photo and then view the set. You'll see many things mentioned in the books, such as the balconied rehearsal hall. The whole school has been beautifully updated, including with modern dance flooring.

  • Visit St. Petersburg's historic Maryinsky Theatre, home of the Maryinsky Ballet (also spelled Mariinsky). Take the Virtual Tour of the fabulous blue-and-gold auditorium, with the Tsar's box opposite the stage. Then go to The War Years—the Maryinsky was bombed and rebuilt!

  • Lorna Hill's ballet novels about the school of Sadlers Wells, now The Royal Ballet in London, England, are mentioned in First-String Future and Future Perfect. You can find them, and more of her dance books, through Alibris, an online search site for hard-to-find books.


  • Learn how PETA works to protect the rights of animals and end cruel practices. The action group peta2 that Cody joins in the books is now SOS, for Students Opposing Speciesism. President Ingrid Newkirk endorses the

  • Find out how NAVS helps students avoid dissection. Click on BioLEAP in the text to learn about animal models, CDs, and videos you can borrow or download. You'll also find the Dissection Hotline number that Tori calls for help in refusing to dissect.

  • See how PCRM works to promote cruelty-free research. Click on Ethical Science in the menu bar to explore how modern non-animal methods are replacing the use of animals in training and testing. President Neal Barnard, M.D., endorses First-String Future!

  • Get information on hot animal issues and watch videos of animal rescue work.

  • Learn how guide dogs like Uncle Joe's, in First-String Future, are trained. Under Meet GDB in the menu bar, click on Dog Programs to explore their preparation and care.

  • Visit the assistance dog training center mentioned in Future Imperfect! You can watch a video of a service dog helping her disabled owner.

  • Check out this site if you love frogs. (I do!) It has frog facts for science and froggy fun stuff — froggy sounds, too!

  • Meet an American family who visited India and stayed to create a rescue service for sick and injured street animals. Scroll down for videos and links to social media, where you can follow their amazing work day by day.

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