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You can order First-String Future, Future Perfect, and Future Imperfect from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

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If you don't see the
Dance Futures
books in your bookstore, you can ask for them to be ordered for you. Bookstores can get them from Ingram, a supplier they use.


Signed Copies

Click for actual-sized bookplate! Would you like to have autographed copies of my books? You can, if you don't mind telling me your full name and address. I won't share this information. Buy the books at your local bookstore or from an online bookstore. Then e-mail me, and I'll sign a special bookplate I designed that you can stick in the front of each one. (Tell me which book or books you have.) If you like, tell me a little about yourself so I can write a personal message for you. Are you a dancer, an animal lover, a pen pal? Then add your full name and address, including zip code, and I'll put your bookplates in the mail. No charge -- enjoy!


Want to Help?

Do you have friends who would like the
Dance Futures
books? Would you like to help them and others find and enjoy them? Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Slip your book into your backpack or dance bag and show it around at school or at your dance studio. Tell your friends what's cool about it. You might want to explain what the three pictures on the cover stand for, but be careful -- don't give away the story!

  • If you don't have your copies yet, share the website address (www.katcorbett.com). Tell your friends I hope to hear from them, too!

  • If you're a dancer, and your dance-supply shop carries dance-related cards, gifts, etc., show your book(s) and suggest that the shop carry them so other dance students can find them. Invite the owner to visit this website!

  • If the books are not in your library, request them, and ask your friends to do the same separately. When libraries get several requests for a book, they are more likely to order it. If you ask, they may let you borrow the book first when it arrives!

  • Go to Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble, or an online bookstore in your home country, and write a 5-star review ... if you feel it's deserved, of course!

When I was a dance student, I could never find enough dance stories to read. Now there are three more. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

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